Why Wedding Video?


Capture The Emotion And Spirit Of Your Wedding

A high quality wedding film will more closely capture the emotion and spirit of your wedding when compared to photography. Photography is a must, but photographs just will not move you like a well-done wedding film. The elements of animated people, motion, speech, music and timing all come together in the edit to touch viewers emotions like photos just can’t do.

It’s a time capsule of moving pictures.

Why not increase the chance of capturing more expressions of the love of your spouse and loved ones during the big moments. Instead of just the moments the photographer is able to capture. Can photos capture every move made during your first dance? Why not have a more thorough medium to capture more of the joy.

In the grand scheme of your wedding budget the wedding video is not big at all. 

Many people cut out a wedding video instead of something else like extra flowers or a photo-booth, when a wedding video is something tangible you will have for your offspring for generations.

You need a professional

Many people think that friends or family shooting video will be fine, most likely that route won't turn out that well.  Chances are, your friends or family members don’t have the equipment or skills it takes to capture & edit high quality video. Multi camera and multi angle shooting of big moments are a big part of what makes a wedding film standout. Multiple cameras are needed simultaneously to capture multi-angle shooting during big moments like the ceremony, speeches, &  the first dance.  Not only is the shooting of multi angle technically demanding, but multi camera editing is even more demanding. Shooting in flattering low light and capturing quality audio is a skill that takes years of practice. Artistic shooting & editing is what really makes a wedding video pleasurable to watch.  Professionals take many days, even weeks to edit a quality wedding film. You really want something that is watchable and sharable.

This is your opportunity to record, "this was me... then." 

You can admire how beautiful your dress flowed while you were dancing your first dance, or how emotional you were when a loved one made a speech.

You will forget a lot of little things on the big day that just flew by.  Video will help you remember  and process the whole event once the dust settles. Having an additional record of things you may have missed at your own wedding is valuable. The cost of a wedding is substantial. Why not have a video to better remember your large emotional and financial investment?

Professional video capture & editing is five times better then it was just five years ago

For the most part, your average wedding video prior to about five years ago was not very good for many reasons. Video is really worth having now, mainly because of the HD quality and the ease of sharing HD quality video online. Creative shooting, and editing have are amazing today compared to just a few years ago. Professional video quality is now par with professional photography quality, this was not the case just a few years ago.

Family ties. After the older loved ones are gone, you'll be so grateful you paid someone to film your wedding, because then the video becomes priceless.